Indonesia with Global Multi-stakeholder Internet Community are Ready to be the Host Country of IGF 2013 – BALI

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After a series of long and comprehensive discussions and preparation, Indonesia pronounces ready to be the host country of the IGF 2013. This was confirmed by the Indonesian Internet community during a dialogue with the Minister for Communications and Information Technology Tifatul Sembiring at the Minister’s Office on today, Monday (August 5th, 2013). Some aspects required to prepare the global Internet forum that will be held in Bali, including the funding sources availability have been thoroughly prepared.

“From today on, I and all bodies at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology will do our best and take all necessary actions so that the Host Country Agreement can be immediately signed by Indonesia and the UN, given that it is the essential element of the IGF 2013,” said Tifatul Sembiring. The expectation was also reiterated by representatives of the IGF Secretariat at the United Nations, Chengetai Masango, who joined the meeting via teleconference from Geneva.

Minister Tifatul was quoted as saying that the Global Internet community / organization support for IGF 2013 is very positive and relieving. “To that end, the government of Indonesia thank the Indonesian Internet community, regional and global so that the IGF 2013 in Bali could be executed as earlier plans,” said Tifatul.

Parties that joined the dialogue with Minister of Communications and Information Technology to represent the internet community and reaffirm their support for the IGF in 2013 are: Domain Name Management Indonesia (PANDI), Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII), ICT Watch, HIVOS, Indonesia Civil Society Network for Internet Governance (ID-CONFIG) and some numbers of regional and global internet community / organizations.

The 8th Global Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is scheduled to be held in Nusa Dua, Bali on 22-25 October 2013 and will be attended by approximately 2500 stakeholders of Internet from around the world to discuss Internet governance inclusively, transparently, accountably and in egalitarian way.

The IGF Global Conference is closely related to the Declaration of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) No. 555/2 of Year 2000 and the World Summit Agreement on the Information Society (WSIS) No. 060/1/2005. One of the important principles as the thread is: the development of information society in the context of poverty reduction shall be supported by information and communication technology that are based on strong partnerships between government, private sectors, civil society organizations, and other international organizations.

Furthermore, during the WSIS Summit held in Tunis on 2005, The UN Secretary General has formed a task force of Internet governance as an enabling condition (enabler) to ensure participation of multi-stakeholder, so as to multi-stakeholder can move along actively, openly and inclusively.

In the context of domestic interests, some aspects gained from the implementation of the Global IGF 8th in Indonesia are as follows:

  1. Strengthen Indonesia’s position as the important axis of global Internet.
  2. Confirm Indonesia’s position as the learning centre for other countries.
  3. Create opportunity for Indonesian community ranging global careers.
  4. Unlock the potential of collaboration and knowledge transfer between key actors
  5. Encourage an inclusive, transparent, accountable, egalitarian Internet governance dialogue that involves multi-stakeholders.
  6. Stimulate growth and domestic Internet access market.

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